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Well, it’s official.

Today was certainly not a prime day for Amazon workers as the e-tailer turned everything-tailer continued laying off employees to the tune of 10,000 jobs.

Though huge, that number reportedly represents only about 3% of the company’s estimated 1.5 million full- and part-time workers worldwide. Cuts are planned for the behemoth’s devices, retail and human resources sectors.

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The Amazon cuts also aren’t the largest in layoff headlines for tech this year. That nefarious award goes to Meta, which earlier this month announced plans to lay off 11,000 workers. At the time, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg attributed the cuts to over-hiring during the pandemic. Yeah, no kidding.

As word of Amazon’s intended layoffs broke Monday by The New York Times, Amazon’s PR team likely scrambled to also heavily promote Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ “exclusive” sit-down interview with CNN in which he discussed his intention to give away most of his $122 billion fortune during his lifetime.

Isn’t that nice.

Also on Tuesday, Amazon announced the launch of its new virtual clinic — all this on the heels of Bezos’ tweet last month recommending that followers “batten down the hatches.”

See, Amazon wants to help us.

The competing headlines amounted to good vs. bad news whiplash for industry watchers and we can only imagine the conversations among laid-off Amazon workers at happy hour tonight.

Illustration: Dom Guzman

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